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BARMAG Draw Texturizing Machines type AFK-6 – 1995 year (2018 reconditioned)
Model AFK-V-HTI (designed for higher speed with lower electrical cost)
216 positions each
2 heaters
Primary electrical heater – 1m length
Secondary dowtherm heater – 1.3m length
Heater configuration type “V"
On Line Tensioning
Air Jet Entangling
Belt driven friction units
Product range: 30 ~ 300 den, possibly even down to 15dn
Production: 1800kg/day based on 75dn
Operating Speed: 850 m/min
Reconditioning in 2018 included the following:
* Cam bearings
* Drum bearings
* Feeder roll shafts #1, 2, 3
* Spindle unit bearing
* Cylinder packing
* Lever Guide roll bearing
* Motor pulley and bearing
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